Resin design and create in Great Britain using one of the planets oldest known raw and renewable materials. Wood is the core of our business and we combine it with other 21st century materials and technology to produce products that are unique to our clients. Changing climate conditions have had an impact on standing trees, wetter ground and stronger winds are responsible for many trees falling over. Trees are simply logged for firewood and 100 – 200 years of natural growth is wasted. But here at Resin we collect and process the tree, wasting nothing and make stunning furniture for all kinds projects. We source 80% of our timber within a 20 mile radius of our workshop in Wiltshire, UK. Some commissions are even made using timber from the client's own garden. We slow dry all of our timber in our unique eco friendly kiln which uses waste from our production process as fuel. This reduces our carbon footprint and ensures that every part of the tree is used sustainably. Slide After many hours of design and consultation, we are able to create something beautiful like this solid brown ash dining table and chairs from our wind felled timber.